Sustainability and Our Planet

Recycling and the Environment

We have tried to get as much recycled and recyclable packing as possible

  • Our white box is 40% recycled and so nice you can use it again and again.
  • Our coin boxes are made from wood and are designed to be used for storage for your coin, or to be used again for other items.
  • Our mailing boxes are cardboard and therefore recyclable.
  • The paper we use for the white collection is UK hand made and from Frogmore Mill (which is a charity) and is recycled. 
  • the carry bags can be used for your own little items.
  • the outer gift pack wrap is cellophane made from wood, cotton and hemp.

We are helping the Earth just a little bit, but each little bit amounts to a big bit.  We love the fact that our sixpences are recycled in their own little way and will continue to be passed down and treasured for years to come. 

All packed with love and care as it means just as much to me, as it does to you.