Frequently Asked Questions


What condition will the sixpence be in ?

The sixpences will be in circulation condition. 

They may have small scratches, marks and small dents.  

The sixpence will be thoroughly cleaned by hand and will have been polished to a high shine especially for you.


How do I attach the sixpence in my shoe


When the sixpence comes in its box, it will have a removable glue dot on the back. 

This can be reused to put inside your shoe or you can remove it totally.

When placing in your left shoe you can either have the sixpence in the arch of your foot, or under your toes or under your heel. It could also be placed on the side of your shoe. It is small and wont be in the way.

Please be aware that it is only for wearing down the aisle and for your vows. 

Wearing it all day may give blisters from dancing with it in your shoe, and when dancing enthusiastically, please be careful – your shoe may comes off and the sixpence may fly into your loved one’s face !! Not a good look  LOL


What if I want to have the Sixpence personalised?

Yes, I can do that too.   Just give me a message when you by the sixpence with names, dates etc., and I can do a personalised tag and a hand written card.  Whatever you would like. 

I can do birthday tags, graduation tags, love token tags, engagement tags, just because tags, anniversary tags, memory tags, wedding day tags, general gift tags (bridesmaids, etc).  Anything that you think a sixpence would be a great forever gift.