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Why Did We Start I Do Silver.


The day before my friend’s daughter’s wedding, I recalled the traditional saying and thought I'd mention it to her as I had a beautiful Queen Victoria Sixpence that I would love to give Rhiannon.  The wedding rhyme is:

 something old new borrowed blue I do silver


I mentioned it to my friend and the top of the range Queen Victoria silver sixpence was on its way to Rhiannon’s shoe for her wedding day and Rhiannon completely fell in love with it. 


Rhiannon became our first bride of I Do -Silver- started our amazing journey.


The lost line ...

The last line of the classic wedding saying has seeming been lost and the tradition to have a silver sixpence in the left shoe slowly forgotten after they were discontinued in the 1970s.

A beautiful tradition, with so much meaning and significance, that most brides are missing out on.  


Lets bring it back...

I would love to bring back this significant and special tradition and be part of the joy and happiness of your beautiful wedding day. 

A tradition that brings you luck and prosperity on your special day and during the whole marriage.

It is a beautiful silver token that not only adds to your wedding day memories but can be passed down in your family.





Cupronickel -v- Silver sixpence...

I also found that sellers are offering brides the Cupronickel sixpences and claiming they were silver ( dating 1947 to 1970  these contain no silver). 

This upset me as I felt brides were being cheated out of the real tradition. I want to give you the real thing, as the saying goes “And a silver sixpence in the shoe”.  

At I Do -Silver- we only offer authentic sterling silver sixpences, all cleaned and polished by hand. 

Who are we?


Me on Ogmore Beach in Wales

Hi I’m Heather, the owner and creator of I Do -Silver-. I’m married to Peter, and we have two boys that have now left the nest.  I also have two beautiful grandchildren.  

I adore animals and used to own a successful Welsh Cob horse stud back in the day. Still love horses and any type of animal to be honest. 


Some of my Welsh Cobs and their foals.


I now have 3 cats, two moggies and a Turkish Angora, all rescued from our local cats home. They are absolute characters and always ready for a cwtch.


    fi fi     


I love to paint and have my own gallery up on instagram "Always Believe Studio" and will be putting my art on the web page soon.  Always love to learn, although web page design is not my strong suit, hence me roping in my son Rob.


   seaside painting, wave painting, original painting


I’m interested in history and antiques and have a shop on Etsy selling vintage items.  Mindieshack Vintage has been going for quite a while now and Ive sold on Ebay achieving over 1000 positive feedbacks.

I am the type of person who believes in traditions, kindness and being honest. A percentage of our sales goes to Cancer Research Wales (Not to be confused with Cancer Research UK), which I think you'll agree is a great cause, trying to stop cancer before it begins. 

Coins are my passion as well. I love to collect and that's why I have so many silver sixpences waiting for a new generation.

Make sure you follow us on I Do -Silver- Instagram as I'm still learning how to do it and would love some support! 

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 Rob Davies


The second son of Heather and Peter, Rob is obviously the smartest and best looking out of the family. He’s also the website builder and so is typing this in third person…

So, I’ll switch to the first person, but I stand by the statement made above!

My part of I Do -Silver- is to bring the content to you! I do the majority of the web building, SEO, social media, press, advertising and marketing, blogging and all the online goodness. 

I’ve been lucky enough to to live in 4 different countries with the last one before moving back being Andorra. Here I was coaching the Andorran National Ski Team, so were a great bunch of lads!

My jobs in these different countries has been a strength and conditioning coach. I have trained some of the best athletes in the world, including Olympians, Paralympians, New Zealand All Black rugby players and many different professional athletes. 

I’ve also become an accredited World Record Holder in July 2019 after completing a full marathon tied to other runners in Tenby for Cancer Research Wales.

I've also trekked Iceland for Cancer Research Wales.

I have my own business www.Altahomeware.com selling top quality useful but beautiful home items. I’m also on Facebook and go and check me out on my Instagram

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Emma Videan


Firstly the boring stuff: I’m a 21-year-old (nearly graduated) student of Journalism Media and Culture from Surrey. My background so far is in public relations but also I’ve worked as a freelance writer and social media manager.

In regards to I Do Silver, I’m one of the bloggers, so expect to see content from me twice a month. I keep my writing light hearted and easy to read, no Harvard Referencing here!

Since a young age, I’ve spent a lot of my free time writing – shout out to my first novel when I was 10, ‘The Hermit Crab on the Lonely Island’! My interest and passion for putting words on a page has pushed me through much of my education and while I love my degree, having a creative space in the form of this blog is a very nice way to break up my day-to-day work.

I’m not married myself but this doesn’t stop me scrolling through wedding ideas on Pinterest and reading through other blogs. The whole events industry is of real interest to me and any reason to throw a party, is a good enough reason to me!

Emma's Instagram

Nidhi Pattni



I’m a blogger-in-progress from sunny Dubai, currently living in Cardiff getting my degree in Media and Communications. I write about things I love, hate and tolerate about the world around me. I’ve got dreams to write alongside my heroes on a sitcom one day and also somehow make a significant impact in the world but I haven’t figured that part out yet. 

Other facts about me include a love for reading, watching an unhealthy amount of television shows and munching on chocolate cake when no ones watching.

Go check me out on my Instagram  Nidhi's Instagram

Our Partner Charity - Cancer Research Wales


 cancer research-wales


At I Do -Silver- a percentage of our profits goes to Cancer Research Wales

As a family this is a charity that is very close to our hearts. Cancer Research Wales was founded by my Father in Law, and Rob’s granddad, Dr Ken Davies. In 2006 he passed away, after contributing so much to important and fundamental research in cancer. For his incredible work with charities and the NHS in Wales he received an OBE.

Money donated to Cancer Research Wales goes to funding a variety of vital research to battle cancer. This research is undertaken in the universities and hospitals throughout Wales and covers many cancer sites that include cancers of the prostate, colon, breast, kidney, blood (leukaemia), cervix and esophagus.

Even though Cancer Research Wales is small, it punches massively above its weight in what it has added to cancer research around the world. From having Europe’s first “Cancer Bank”, to helping create the gold standard screening practices for prostate cancer and funding other pioneering cancer research projects.

Rob is very involved with Cancer Research Wales and has already achieved a Official Guinness World Record with running a marathon tied to the most amount of marathon runner to cross the line. 


Rob having his award given after the marathon 2019

To find out more about the great work Cancer Research Wales does, check out there website: