Weddings and Perfections by Nidhi Pattni

Weddings and Perfection

Weddings and Perfection

  • Nidhi Pattni

The Chaos Before The Big Day

A wedding is a commitment two best friends make to one another, it is confirmation of the love they share and of course, the sparkling ring the bride gets to wear is definitely an added bonus. I’ve been to a fair share of weddings and I have also been lucky enough to be a part of the stressful behind-the-scenes action for many of them. I am from India, and to put Indian weddings in perspective for you, just think of the Met Gala hosted by Anna Wintour and double the drama.

People often try to make sure that their wedding is flawless, an excessive amount of stress is placed on things such as centrepieces, flower arrangements, and where to seat the relative nobody likes. There is so much planning involved, every intricate detail is important and we all know about the Bridezilla, but have you ever thought about the mom of the Bridezilla? Yeah, that’s definitely a more advanced species. But the real question is, why is there so much pressure for this one event to be absolutely perfect? And is all this chaos and tension unnecessary?

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The Sentiment Behind All The Planning

What we often forget while planning a wedding is that it’s much more than just venues and place settings. It’s about two families coming together to celebrate the fact that their own family just got a little bigger, there will be more people at Christmas every year, more children running around and a feeling of warmth and contentment felt by the bride and groom who will be able to spend the rest of their lives together. What’s not to love about that? But, when you think about why couples become so fixated on making their weddings perfect, there is a beautiful answer behind it. A wedding is the day before they start their journey together, it’s when they declare to the world that they have found the ‘one’ and they want the people dearest to them to be a part of that celebration.

So, if you think about it, obsessing over something like the decision between roses and lilies for the place setting has less to do with the flowers but more to do with an image the bride has in her mind of the future where her children scroll through their wedding album and see just how magical that day was. It’s a really deep and wonderful thought and the more I have understood that, the easier it has been for me to see why my sister has been scrambling for months trying to find the perfect photographer for her special day, and why me suggesting that I could just do the job with my DSLR camera made her throw a pillow at me.

My Dreams For My Own Wedding

I understand why we put so much pressure on weddings to be like a fairy tale because I, myself have always had an idea of what my own wedding would be like. My best friends and I would scribble our expectations of what the ‘Big Day’ should look like at the back of our trigonometry notes, and they were non-negotiable. 

We picked out the songs we would walk out to in our elegant designer gowns (Vera Wang and Carolina Herrera dresses were discussed at length), the themes were laid out in advance so that there would be no overlap between the three of our weddings, and of course we gave some thought to what our grooms would be like, but that was after the more important stuff was cleared out.

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The point is that we all kind of know what we want that special day to be like and we love picking out all the elements that would make it perfect because it’s sort of like getting to direct your own blockbuster film, of course you want it to be incredible. So I will continue to add more ideas to my wedding Pinterest board and I hope that one day I will get to walk down the aisle to my favourite Stevie Wonder song to join the man I choose to spend the rest of my life with, and of course have my best friends by my side to make sure my hair is perfect.

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