Wedding Shopping and New Mini-Series by Nidhi Pattni

Wedding Shopping and New Mini-Series!

  • Nidhi Pattni

A Little Update and some Wedding Shopping!

The last two weeks have been the busiest and most stressful weeks I have ever had, and that includes finals week at university! Finals week is a walk in the park compared to the wedding shopping to find the perfect outfits for your sisters wedding.

Yup, for 14 days all my family and I have done is scan every corner of Mumbai finding stores that have the most spectacular dresses 2 months before the wedding season begins. I have not even begun studying for my exams, which are in less than a month, but I have been less anxious about that and more anxious about finding an outfit for the reception that is yellow but not too yellow and highlights my curves without making it look like I have more than 5% body fat.

That near to impossible task has consumed my mind from the day I found out my sister was engaged! Wedding shopping is insane, its honestly more stressful than getting married; spending the rest of your existence with just one person, meh that’s not too scary, choosing between pastel and neon colours for the wedding ceremony dress, now that’s a tougher decision. 

Sister of the Bride

However, while I have experienced heightened levels of anxiety from when the tailor told us that my dress will take another month to be stitched, or when I left the bag that had my bangles in the taxi ride back home, I have also come to realise how exciting wedding shopping can be.
I am in the lucky position of being the bride’s sister, this means that I get to be a part of every aspect of planning the wedding without having to be the one getting married, what an amazing position to be in!
I enjoy all the cake and menu tastings and drank the free champagne at the dress trials (or lemonade at Indian wedding dress trials).
I love watching my family try so passionately to make these 5 days of the wedding (yes, the stereotype of week-long Indian weddings is a real thing) absolutely perfect, every detail is attentively catered to. That is how Indian families are, that is how Indian weddings are.
We are passionate about everything from the dessert served at the event to the colour of the table cloths. The bride has a glow way before her 3 day spa treatment that takes place close to the wedding because she watches her loved ones put so much time and energy into making her big day, her most memorable day.
Indian Wedding food

New Mini-Series!!!

If you have read the other posts on this blog, you may be able to conclude that we love weddings. We love everything about them, from the dresses, the different roles such as the maid of honour and the best man, and the traditions and customs that shape the ways in which we plan weddings today.

I’ve been fortunate enough to have been exposed to weddings from the West and back home in India. What I’ve learnt is that although the basic purpose of weddings stay the same, no two weddings are the same.

For example, in Indian weddings, the bride and groom walk around a pit of fire 7 times symbolising that their union will remain strong for 7 lifetimes.

African-Americans engage in what is called a ‘libation ceremony’ where they pour alcohol and holy water on the ground to honour members of their families who have deceased, and to receive the guidance and blessings of the elders present. It is also a beautiful way of honouring the ancestors from which they have been given the gift of life. 

And of course there is the tradition of a silver sixpence in the left shoe of the bride that has spanned many western cultures. This comes from the tradition of silver to protect the bride that is in many, many different cultures and histories around the world. 

We know very little about how weddings are celebrated in other countries. And I believe that it would be really incredible if we could learn about the rest of the world together!

Let’s explore how much we relate to and differ from how weddings are conducted globally. As a result I think we will be able to have a new understanding and appreciation of other cultures and weddings as a whole.

So, with that I wanted to let you know about a short series I am starting where I will be dedicating each blog post to the interesting customs and traditions of a specific country or part of the world even if its a small island you’ve never heard of! Lets embark on this journey together and expand our knowledge about this vast world of weddings.

Stay tuned! 

With Love,