Staying True to Wedding Traditions by Emma Videan

Staying True to Wedding Traditions

  • 08/03/2019
  • Emma Videan

Which wedding traditions are right for you?

To some, the idea of continuing traditions holds negative connotations. Perhaps they are seen to be outdated? Personally, I think developing, maintaining and passing on our personal rituals is such a beautiful way of staying connected to one another. Marriage, whether it’s done for religious, spiritual or symbolic reasons, is a tradition in itself.  

Firstly, a disclaimer...

I’m not insinuating that everything traditional is for everyone; after all there are definitely some wedding traditions that I wouldn’t ever include. The first dance, for example, is something that fills me with dread. As someone with the rhythm of Theresa May dancing to Abba, the idea of getting up in front of everyone is not my idea of a good time. In different circumstances, you can bet that I will be the first on the dancefloor… but not on my wedding day. 

Of course, maybe you’re blessed with flawless technique and so ‘the first dance’ seems like just another very romantic part of wedding; to each their own! Basically, don’t do anything that you don’t want to do but here are just some suggestions, just in case.

Old traditions to remember

There are some great wedding traditions that have been lost over time, for example the newly-weds kissing over the top of the wedding cake without knocking over the tiers. If they succeed it is a sign of the wedded bliss to come, if they fail then they’ve got a (probably expensive) cake to clean up!hPotentially, a more subtle tradition is the bride carrying a horseshoe down the aisle in amongst their bouquet for good luck, just be sure to remove this before tossing it to the crowd of single ladies! There are actually a lot of ‘good luck’ symbols that you could incorporate into your wedding, including four leaf clovers, family heirlooms and some even encourage guests to ‘warm’ the wedding ring before the ceremony with love and good energy. 

Or a silver sixpence in your shoe, to finish that classic rhyme of ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’. Understated touches like this are best appreciated by those involved and also provide a memento that can be displayed and kept for years to come. 

I also heard about this really romantic tradition of writing a letter to your spouse-to-be the night before the wedding. I know that the idea of writing your own vows has become very popular, but I thought that this was something a bit more intimate. The letter would then be kept to open on your first anniversary as a way to remember the exact feelings before making the biggest commitments of your lives. If you wanted to start your own tradition, you could write a new letter every year to open the following anniversary!

Traditions have to start somewhere

By the time many couples head down the aisle, they have their own secret traditions. Maybe, if you’re the couple that camps every May bank holiday, the wedding could be held that weekend and the reception could take place in teepees in a field! Maybe not everyone’s cup of tea and of course is heavily weather dependent, but my point is that your wedding day could be made that bit more memorable by giving it a hint of your personality as a couple.


Or, if your first date was at your local Wetherspoons, you could name each table afer your favourite shots or have each table named after the places you went to school or lived, with the appropriate people sat at that table. Little or large, these are the touches that will bring a smile to your guests and make the day more personal to you, as a couple. 


You might even find that something you do on your wedding day becomes that very thing that you repeat over and over again for the entirety of your marriage. Also, as weddings are such memorable days, you may even inspire one of your guests to continue a wedding tradition that you’ve started!


Hopefully, I’ve given you a little bit of inspiration towards incorporating some forms of tradition into your wedding and given you a taster of my blogging style! 

With love and wedding wishes,