Rob's Top Wedding Destinations by Rob davies

Rob’s Top Wedding Destinations

Rob’s Top Wedding Destinations

  • Rob davies 


I’ve been lucky enough to travel to some absolutely stunning places on this beautiful planet of ours. Some of these areas have been crazy fun metropolitan cities, others gorgeous stretches of untouched beach and others the empty wildness of deserts.

Through my travels I have sometimes mused if I get married where would it be? I’ll write about my ideal wedding in a later blog post, but for now I can still ponder on the wedding destinations I would choose.

You’ll probably notice that all my wedding destinations are not in my country of birth, Wales. It’s not really my vision to get married here and more hot and exciting wedding destinations are on my mind and hopefully I can find someone who has similar thoughts.

So, let us begin, and the first destination is an incredibly magical place.

Redwood National and State Park, California, USA

No joke, this place blew my mind when I was there, and I feel it would be a perfect wedding destination. The size of the redwood trees is truly awe inspiring and creates a perfect backdrop to any wedding.

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The image I have in my mind for a Redwoods wedding is pretty magical. The immense ambiance of these trees will only add to the sense of love and celebration of the occasion.

Of course, the night would be filled with roaring fire pits and lights hanging from the trees illuminating the surroundings. BBQs serving up all sorts of delicious foods and the free bar serving the best cocktails and tequila. This is a party that would go on all night under the magnificence of those gigantic and beautiful trees.

redwood national park wedding destinations

Tel Aviv, Israel

This city is ridiculously fun. Nestled on the Mediterranean coast Tel Aviv has one of my favourite aspects of any place, a west facing beach. The sunsets over the Mediterranean in this beach city are something else. And that is one of the reasons I would want to get married here.

I’m not a religious person at all, and Tel Aviv would probably be more known for Jewish weddings. But that wouldn’t stop me from trying to have a simple ceremony here.

beach front tel aviv city

My image at this wedding destination is a beach ceremony; simple, elegant and fun. Then as the sunsets over the Med, a beach party to end all beach parties! I won’t lie, I think all of my ideas of a wedding end in massive bonfires, BBQs and tequila… this one isn’t any different. And with the incredibly fun night life in Tel Aviv, this could be an all-nighter ending sitting on the beach with my now wife, a bottle of champagne in hand and watching the sunrise over the city.

tel aviv sunset Mediterranean

Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

I have a huge fascination for the desert, especially Middle Eastern, Bedouin areas. The Wadi Rum really enhanced that fascination, and a Bedouin style wedding would really relate with me, and hopefully my future wife.  

desert wedding Bedouin

The vastness of the desert will create such a unique feel for a wedding. And as I said before, the style I would have here would be very Bedouin themed. In my head I can just see thousands of beautiful stars glittering above as my friends and family celebrate with my wife and I.

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Barcelona, Spain

I love Barcelona! This city has given me some absolutely incredible memories. Running through the streets of the Gothic Quarter during La Merce has to be a highlight in my life so far.

I feel Barcelona would make a perfect wedding destination. The city has so much to offer that there is a plethora of options to choose from and so right now I can’t really describe a type of wedding a would have here. The feeling that I would want to create however would be a fun, freeing and vibrate wedding. The Catalonian culture is a culture of celebration and I would want that all through the wedding day.  

wedding destinations barcelona

Bonus – West Coast of Costa Rica

This is a place that I haven’t been to yet, but it is on the list! The west coast of countries is where I belong. Sunsets are a huge thing for me, my days of sitting on the beach on the west coast of Wales while I was in my little sea town University of Aberystwyth ingrained a love of sunsets into me. Travelling the west coast of USA only enhanced this love of sunsets I have. And so the saying is very true for me; “West is best”.

One of my next plans is to travel the west coast of not just Costa Rica, but Central America as a whole. And I can just image that the beautiful and pristine beaches will be a perfect place for a wedding.

Once I’ve explored this part of the world, I’m sure I will have a better understanding of the beaches and the places to be. But for now, I’ll just let my imagination take me away for a little bit.  

Rob’s Wedding Destinations

So here it is:

Redwood National and State Park

Tel Aviv

Wadi Rum


West coast of Costa Rica

Reading through those wedding destinations you may be able to tell a few things that I want at my wedding. Simple, easy and fun is the vibe I really go for. The extravagant and massive weddings don’t really interest me, nor do a lot of the traditional British style weddings.

I would always love to end my wedding day with a hell of a party, lots of tequila, great sunset and everyone having a great time. I guess that’s what most people want of their wedding (apart from the tequila bit haha).

I hope you enjoyed a little bit more of an insight into my mind of the wedding day I would like to have.