Our Charity - Cancer Research Wales by Rob Davies

Our Charity – Cancer Research Wales

  • Rob Davies 


If you have had a gander around our site, you may have noticed something about Cancer Research Wales on our About Us  This little part on our site actually packs a massive punch!

This is because we have chosen Cancer Research Wales as our official charity to donate a portion of our profits to. We also fundraise for them and are completing multiple challenges to help raise money and awareness for their incredible work into cancer research.

This choice of charity is not a random decision, we have a deep and very significant history with Cancer Research Wales.

A Family Connection

Cancer Research Wales is extremely close to our heart as it was founded by my Grandfather and Heather’s Father-in-Law Dr Ken Davies O.B.E. In 1966 he was intimately involved in establishing the charity “South Wales Cancer Research Council” with the aim to raise money for research into new ways of treating and diagnosing cancer patients.

In 1990 he encouraged the South Wales Cancer Research Council to extend its horizons and rename the charity Cancer Research Wales, giving support to cancer research at other hospitals and universities across Wales.

For South Wales Cancer Research Council, he was a founder Trustee, a Deputy Chairman and Chairman; while for Cancer Research Wales was the first Chairman and President and founder Trustee.

As a family we are hugely proud of what he has achieved. We love to carry on his incredible legacy and so as a small way of doing this I Do Silver (as it is our family business) have partnered with Cancer Research Wales.

Dr Ken Davies O.B.E

In the 2006 Cancer Research Wales Annual Report they stated that “Cancer Research Wales owes its very existence and an enormous debt to Ken’s vision and support”. I don’t think I will ever do anything near as great as my granddad. The stories I have heard and the sheer number of accolades he has is a testament to the incredible man that he was.

Sadly, I was 14 when he died, and as a young teenager I didn’t really take the opportunity to learn about the immense amount of work, effort and knowledge that he gathered throughout his life. As a very humble man he didn’t talk much about his accomplishments or talents. However, from what I understand of his work, it is not just Cancer Research Wales that owes an enormous debt to my grandfather, but also the whole of the cancer research community as his work was pivotal in many ways for cancer research and cancer patients.

His Life

My granddad served in the Royal Navy between 1947-1950 as a Surgeon Lieutenant and Minesweeper. After he completed his service he moved back to Cardiff where he continued his medical studies and completed his postgraduate degree in Radiotherapy at Cardiff Royal Infirmary.

In 1958 the newly opened Velindre Hospital employed him as a Consultant Radiologist; here he worked until 1987. During this period, and with the support of Dr. Glyn Evans and E. R. Hutchinson, Director of Radiotherapy and Senior Radiographer respectively, they created one of the top Radiology Departments in the UK.

The professional skills my granddad had as a Radiologist helped Velindre Hospital establish itself as “a centre of excellence” in the field of Clinical Oncology. Throughout this time, his work with South Wales Cancer Research Council was also funding vital cancer research at Velindre Hospital.

Dr. Ken didn’t ever want the fame for his work. He believed that through research we will be able to unlock the mysteries of cancer, ultimately finding a cure to stop the suffering that is caused by this disease. Through his hard work and dedication, he did however receive the acknowledgment of his incredible work by being honoured at Buckingham Palace with an OBE for his work with local charities and the NHS in Wales.

In 2006, he sadly passed away from a long term illness; but his legacy and lasting memory of his generosity, kindness and love will continue in the incredible work that Cancer Research Wales conducts. Through the clinicians, scientists, researchers, and projects funded by Cancer Research Wales and through the countless cancer patients’ lives saved. 

Cancer Research Wales

Cancer Research Wales

As one of Wales’ leading cancer charities, Cancer Research Wales is dedicated to the pursuit of a cure for cancer. At this current stage the charity is concentrating on making vital progress into prevention, early diagnosis and better treatment for cancer patients.

Cancer Research Lab Tour

The money raised by Cancer Research Wales funds a great variety of projects in Wales. These projects are undertaken in universities and hospitals across Wales. They study a large variety of cancers including prostate, colon, breast, renal (kidney), leukemia (blood), cervical and esophageal. Funding is also used for research into studies to better understand the fundamental processes of cancer biology that are common to all cancers. These can range from uncontrolled cell growth, invasion and spread, resistance to chemo and radiotherapies, and immune evasion.

Their work has produced some breakthrough research that has influenced the cancer community around the world. While they also offer brilliant and inventive fundraising challenges for all to participant in to help raise money for their research projects.

Cancer Research Wales I Do Silver

Dale Evans, a fundraiser at Cancer Research Wales commented:

“At Cancer Research Wales we are reliant on the generosity of fantastic supporters whose donations, big or small, help to fund our life-saving research into the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of cancer.

We are truly humbled that Rob and the team at I Do Silver have chosen to (literally) go the extra mile to support the work of Cancer Research Wales.

There is a great family story, and we are delighted to be chosen as their official charity partner.”

Cancer Research Wales Lab

Current Fundraising Challenges

I’ve previously fundraised for Cancer Research Wales by completing a sponsored skydive raising £590.77 when I was 18. Now, at 27, and back in Wales I mean to immerse myself more with Cancer Research Wales and commit to championing everything they stand for. I’ve started by taking on two challenges to raise awareness and fundraise for them. These I will write in more detail in later blog posts, but here’s a quick overview:

World Record Marathon Run

This first challenge is a massive one for me. I will be running The Wales Marathon in Tenby on the 7th July. Now, the 29th March 2019 was the first time I’ve ever run a 5km and the 8th April 2019 was the first time I’ve ever run a 10km. So, I’ve got some training to do! There is also the added twist that myself and over 120 other people will be linked together to achieve the World Record of ‘the most runners linked to complete a marathon’. I’m PUMPED for this one.  I with the other 122 runners achieved this and now am a record holder !

Hike Through Parts of Iceland

This second challenge is a hike over parts of Iceland and then finishing in the Blue Lagoon. This will be hiking around 16-24km per day and over tough Icelandic terrain. I’m so excited for this challenge to push myself through some difficult conditions and to raise as much as I can for Cancer Research Wales.

Cancer Research Wales Iceland


Thank you

I would just like to say a massive thank you for reading this blog. It is a post that is very close to my heart and has meant a huge amount for me to write. So again, thank you for reading.

I would also like to thank all the people at Cancer Research Wales for their hard work, determination and effort in their fight for a Wales without cancer.

At I Do Silver, we are so happy and excited to be partnered with Cancer Research Wales and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for both of us.

Much Love,