My Favourite Wedding Films by Nidhi Pattni

My Favourite Wedding Films

My Favourite Wedding Films

  • Nidhi Pattni 

What Wedding Films Mean to Us

I love romantic films, it’s my guilty pleasure. I have seen The Notebook an unhealthy amount of times, and I’m pretty sure when Netflix tweeted about how the Christmas Prince was viewed over 50 times by one user, they were referring to me. I’m just a sucker for any romantic films, including wedding films and for their happy endings.

I love the initial meet-cute, the minor inconvenience that separates the couple for about 5 minutes before the grand revelation one of them has before the ‘running to the airport’ or “running to crash the wedding’ or… just basically any running sequence with the appropriate 80’s song in the background.

I cant tell you how many of my favourite songs on Spotify come from movie soundtracks, because there are way too many. Safe to say that I am the target demographic for cheesy romantic movies. And even though the writing in these films is often comparable to a story written by a hormonal 16-year old, I will forever be a dedicated member of the audience with my large bowl of popcorn and a set of tissues for the tears that always come within the first 20 minutes.

There are different sub-genres under the broad umbrella of romantic movies. One of them being movies with a wedding as the central theme. Whether, its a woman in her late 20’s who just “can’t seem to find a man”, or a woman in her early 30’s who just “can’t seem to find a man” these films have a cult following of their own. And I have been a proud member ever since Julia Roberts struggled with her unresolved feelings for Durmot Mulroney in My Best Friend’s Wedding.

So without further adu, here is a list of my favorite wedding films, that have collectively generated almost as much money as the $300 billion wedding industry itself.

My Best Friend's Wedding

Let’s start with the Julia Roberts classic first. As someone who’s been in awe of this woman and how she can navigate pretty much every genre with ease, I may be a bit biased when talking about this film. But this particular masterpiece in romantic cinema has been a part of girl’s nights and Valentines Day specials at movie theatres for over two decades.

Now, I’m not saying that I have cried in this movie, but lets just say after the third time I watched it, my mom suggested switching to a handkerchief instead. And can we talk about the latest cover shoot the cast did for Entertainment Weekly?!

Everything about this film was just perfect, the soundtrack, the dialogues, the outfits, and of course Durmot Mulroney’s dreamy eyes. It made me wish my best friend was getting married, just so I could crash the wedding. Just kidding I’d never do that wink, wink!

The Proposal

This one holds a special place for me, I don’t know whether its because of the beautiful location it was shot in, or because there has been a poster of Ryan Reynolds on my wall since I was a teenager. But The Proposal is easily one of my favourite wedding films.

The movie is more subtle than the others on the list but its simple and romantic, and sometimes those are the ones turn out to be the most memorable. And not to mention, if there’s anyone who can compete with Julia Roberts in the world of romantic cinema, it’s my girl Sandy B.

Her character was endearing, albeit a sexist representation of female bosses in the workplace, but what’s a romantic comedy without a slightly problematic storyline. Nevertheless, the chemistry between Reynolds and Bullock all through out the film, and the casting of the legendary Betty White as the adorable and eccentric grandmother made this film a cozy addition to this list. 


I could write a dissertation on how incredible this film is, every scene had me in fits of laughter. You know those films that you see over and over again, but the punchlines always work? Bridesmaids is definitely one of those films, with a gifted cast including Kristen Wiig and my comedy heroes Melissa Mccarthy and Maya Rudolph.

The film takes an interesting approach at the pressures of having your life together by the time your 30 especially when your best friend is getting hers on track with a fiance and a new group of friends. It was messy, emotional and absolutely hilarious.

So on days you feel like everything sucks and the world is telling you that your life isn’t Instagram-worthy enough, watch these brilliant women tell you how to shut them up and of course that iconic airplane scene is bound to cheer you up.

Bride Wars

I did not know what The Plaza was until I saw this movie for the first time and now its on my list of potential wedding venues (now if I can just find my list of potential grooms so I can set the date). This Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson starrer is one of those movies you know is bad but you can’t stop watching it anyways. The characters are cringey, the story line is predictable and I’m pretty certain that this was the movie that led to the first dip in Chris Pratt’s Hollywood journey (All hail the Guardians of the Galaxy for his glorious return).

However, there is something about Bride Wars that has garnered it so many loyal fans over the years since its release. It’s an easy watch and almost everyone can relate to planning a wedding with their childhood best-friend. I know I still have the crumpled sheets of paper with our elaborate plans scribbled all over them. And when you have two of the most talented and gifted actresses on screen, it doesn’t matter if the film is below average. Everything from the music in the film to the Vera Wang dresses was so much fun to watch that it made me want to get married immediately! And most importantly, Bride Wars serves as a cautionary tale for those who dare to plan a wedding on the same day as their best friend.

Mamma Mia!

Saving the best for last, we have the classic hit that no one can sit through without tapping their feet. I tend to be a critical person when it comes to movies, but every now and then I watch a movie where my inner critic takes a hike for the 2 hours and I just simply enjoy every second with the audience.

Mamma Mia is one of those films for me, I was a bit late to the game when I saw this very recently, but the impact of it was not lost on me. I still listen to Dancing Queen every day, and it is now on my bucket list to perform to When I kissed the teacher at my college graduation.

Mamma Mia had one of the best ensemble casts I have ever seen on screen, some of my favourite actors sang ABBA’s greatest hits to choreography I will spend my lifetime learning. The wedding was the element that brought everyone together in this film, but the supremely entertaining story line with the three brilliant men including my personal favourite Colin Firth, stole the show. And lets take a moment to appreciate Meryl Streep, some may say she is overrated (*ahem* Trump *ahem*) but nobody has the captivating screen presence she always seems to have in every single cinematic venture she has under her belt. My roommates often get sick of me singing every song from the soundtrack but my my how can I resist ya!

The Wedding Films List Complete

With that, my list is complete. There are several other names that I wanted to include but I’m afraid that if I began to ramble about all my favourite films, this blog post would never end. However, some honorary mentions are My Big Fat Greek Wedding, Father of the Bride, The Big Wedding, Monster in Law, The Wedding Planner (Matthew McConaughey is a gift to humanity), and of course one can’t talk about wedding films without mentioning 27 Dresses. (If you want to see some amazing dresses check out this post with Revival Bridal Boutique). 

I hope this list inspired you to cancel all your plans for the rest of the day and binge watch these movies with boxes of tissues and all the snacks you can possibly find from your kitchen. Enjoy! 

Comment below on what your favourite wedding films are! 

With Love,