Mother of the Groom - My Son's Wedding

My Son’s Wedding – Mother of the Groom

My Son’s Wedding – Mother of the Groom

Before the Panic

One the 10th August 2018 my eldest son, Pip, had his wedding day. He married my beautiful daughter-in-law Katie, and now Katie is officially part of the Davies clan! Being the mother of the groom, it was a day that I will remember forever. Not just because of how special the day was, but because of all the build up to the wedding day that, as mothers, we all experience.

Pip proposed to Katie two years ago, starting the countdown to the big day. At that time, I thought “great, the wedding day is ages and ages away, no need to panic”. I had had plenty of time to lose a few pounds of weight, that we all try before a wedding! And to find the perfect dress and hat for the day.

groomsmen i do silver wedding decourceys
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

The Panic

The old saying …time flies, not just flew, but was rocket fueled. The day came so quickly, two years flashed by and a few months before the wedding I was starting to panic. I hadn’t found my dress and although there were many stunning dresses out there, nothing seemed to fit or look right. Also, not managing to lose the pounds didn’t help!

The wedding preparations were well on the way. Luckily Katie is a born organizer and had everything ticked off in a small journal, it was just me and my dress that was the problem. The men of our household had their smart navy blue suits and my mother had a beautiful teal dress; but no dresses were catching my eye.

sixpence i do silver wedding cake
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

With three weeks to go I was scouring the internet, and found a lovely dress that flowed and hid the bumps! This lovely blue dress has finely done it for me, and with time running out, I bought it. I also managed to get my hands on white hat to set it off.

Here came more panic! Amazon has taught me that everything can come within a few days, oh how wrong was I! I didn’t read the small print and it was three weeks delivery…

So, I had to start again. I eventually got a dress that was really nice, but I was still hankering after the blue one!

The Night Before

On The pre-wedding night, Pip was staying at our house with his best man, John and his future father-in-law, Mark. My youngest son Rob had been kicked out to stay at his friends as the house was full. Peter and I also had to stay at a friend’s house to accommodate to make sure there was enough beds, and to ensure a good nights sleep.

decourceys manor wedding sixpence
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

Remember the three weeks deliver time on the blue dress I order? Well, on the day before the wedding it came! I was over the moon, but the internet can sometime lie with colours! I took it out the package and it was teal blue, which ended up being similar to my mother’s dress colour. Oh dear…

That night was also a lot of fun, as a family we all had a meal down our local pub, The Sportsmans Rest. Wine was flowing, lots of food was eaten and I was getting excited for the next day! It was going to happen at last.

The Wedding Day

The Morning

In the morning the boys were looking a bit worse for wear. A little bit too much wine and pints after I had left, I think, no…I know! Though nothing fixes that up better than some morning wedding prosecco, good music and a hearty breakfast cooked by my loving husband Peter.

This was about the time when I started to get really excited and emotional. Everyone was dressed and looking great, and the realisation that my eldest was getting married started to dawn on me. I was going to enjoy every single minute of this day! 

i do silver wedding

The wedding car (which was an old bus from I Do Wedding Cars) looked amazing! I wasn’t expecting this part of the journey to the wedding venue and it was definitely an experience. Beautifully designed on the inside it really made the journey there with my family special.

The wedding venue is a beautiful manor house just outside Cardiff. As the bus pulled up to the entrance of De Courseys Manor the excitement continued to build. While walking in we were greeted with the all important glass of champers, and now my emotions were starting to get the better of me. Waterproof mascara to the rescue! (a must have)

The Ceremony

Time goes so fast during wedding day. I couldn’t believe when we were all told to sit for the ceremony and Katie was arriving. It is an emotion hard to explain when your son is waiting at the end of the aisle for the love of his life to walk in. I had so much pride and happiness for Pip. He was standing there looking extremely handsome (not biased at all) waiting for the music and Katie to start her walk down the aisle.

wedding sixpence kurt geiger shoes
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

Of course, as Katie is my daughter in law, she had one of our wedding sixpences for her walk down the aisle. For her special day Katie had the shiny 2018 silver sixpence.


The music started, and in came Katie. And wow, she looked completely gorgeous! Pip’s face was a melt of emotion and I was the typical blubbering mother! As Katie walked down the aisle in her beautiful dress (made by Essense of Australia from Laura May Bridal) Pip’s face lite up with joy and emotion.

The ceremony after that was a bit of a blur. The “I Do’s”, the exchanging of rings, the signing of the married certificate and the all important kiss. It was a time that will always stay with me in a haze of happiness.

wedding sixpence happy couple
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography


The Speeches

I guess after the “I Do” and kiss, the speeches are the most important and for some, the most nerve racking part of the day. The father of the bride has to try and not cry too much, the groom has to be polite, but not boring and the best man’s speech has to have that touch of funny and embarrassment for the groom.

wedding speech mother of the groom
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

Usual wedding etiquette states the order of the speeches as; father of the bride, groom then best man to finish it off. Well, of course we are not usual and had a few more speeches added. We also had Katie’s sister Nikola with a hilarious speech and Katie’s stepdad Mark, completing a beautifully emotional speech that hit the heart strings.

Typical wedding with nothing really running on time, the speeches went over, just a little bit, and the evening guests had already started to arrive. With the band waiting outside to set up as well! Pip was in a little panic then.


Pip is a sucker for dancing, he is good in his own unique way, but in other people’s eyes well lets just say he won't win any dancing competitions! I remember one wedding he went to and he came back with a rip all up his backside on his suit trousers (the dance move that caused this rip was caught on video and will forever make me laugh). We’ll say he’s over enthusiastic and I absolutely love it! You know when The Jam, Rolling Stones, The Clash and The Kinks come on he will always be the first one on the dance floor going full out!

love wedding decourceys sixpence
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

This is basically the rest of the night. We danced, we drank, and we laughed. Pip and Katie’s choice of band was brilliant, they are called Too Tonned if you wanted to know. They played his favourites and got the crowd going all night. Luckily for Pip there was no ripped trousers this time…

Photos by Leah Roberts Photography

The hours flew by, prosecco and dancing means that I may have forgotten some of the details. But what a night! I crawled into bed with hubby and with one of the biggest of smiles on my face.

Still not believing how fast a day can go by, or two years for that matter.

Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

The Aftermath

Maybe I was slightly hungover, but I think we all were! However, the next day was a blast! Katie and Pip weren’t going on their honeymoon until Monday, and with everyone still in wedding mode, we had arranged a BBQ down our local pub for everyone to come to and chat about the antics form the night before. If anyone knows Wales, it does rain a lot here, and we had a BBQ watching summertime down pours!

This didn’t stop anyone from having fun though. We finished all the burgers and food and chatted the day away. This is something I highly recommend to anyone who has just gotten married. Organising a get together the day after really brought the whole few days to a lovely ending.

Leaving me with many memories to cherish for the rest of my life. I’m so proud of how Katie organised the whole day and so much love was felt from everyone there.

I’ll leave by saying how proud I was of being the mother of the groom. A groom that is a kindhearted and loving man who has married a spectacular lady. And finally, a massive thank you to Pip and Katie. What a great day it was, and I know that you two will live happily ever after.

So to top it off for Mothers of the Groom - my piece of small advice:

You probably won't lose weight.

Be there, be supportive, but don't push any ideas that are yours, even if you've probably paid for most of the wedding, its not about you, its all about the bride and her day. I know that is a bit harsh and to the point but the happier they both are with their arrangements, the happier the day will be.

Make sure everything is ticking along, keep an eye on things and be prepared to step in and help, even though you want to just sit and talk to everyone, again its your role to make sure its perfect for your loved ones.

Take Care,

wedding mother of the groom sixpence
Photo by Leah Roberts Photography

Wedding Photographer: Leah Roberts Photography
Wedding Venue: De Courceys Manor
Wedding Cake: Cakey Wakey
Wedding Dress: Essense of Australia

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