Do you Need a Great Bridesmaid/ Best Man Gift? by Rob Davies

Do You Need a Great Bridesmaid Gift? Then Look No Further

Do You Need a Great Bridesmaid Gift? Then Look No Further

  • Rob Davies 

Am I in Dorset?

I’m sitting in a beautiful South Dorset country kitchen. I hear relaxing music playing in the background as the bird song comes through the windows. The décor is a mixture of old books, comfy chairs, tea cups and interestingly, Lush products. I hear the creak of the old wooden floorboards and my massage therapist comes back into the “kitchen”. She says in a soft Welsh accent “are you ready to come upstairs for your treatment?”.

Snap back, I’m nowhere near Dorset, nor a country house. I’m on the middle of Queens Street, Cardiff, in Lush upstairs in their Spa and getting ready for my first Synaesthesia treatment.

And oh boy, what an amazing 2 hours it was!

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The Lush Spa

If, like me, you didn’t know that Lush had a spa, then prepared to be blown away! This isn’t like any spa or massage I’ve been to before. It is a sensory experience, taking me out of the city centre and into a beautiful country house. Here, my senses where exposed to an array of sights, sounds, smells, tastes and touches, but more of that later.

When I first found out about the Lush spa it caught my interest. It wasn’t just a massage with a chlorine filled pool in the other room and white sterilised ropes. It was an experience that truly removed me from where I was, working not just on my body, but my mind. It was this part that really made me want the treat called Synaesthesia.

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What is Synaesthesia?

Synaesthesia as a Condition

Synaesthesia is, interesting, a neurological trait or condition. It is the merging of our senses that aren’t usually connected, causing some very interesting stimulations of our senses. People with synaesthesia can experience taste as they hear sound, who they may see letters and numbers as different colours. Someone with synaesthesia may even be able to hear colour or see sound.

Synaesthesia the Treatment

So, now that we know what Synaesthesia is, how does that make a massage therapy? Simples, by making a treatment that merges all of your senses together and making it hyper customable.

Synaesthesia is the first spa treatment that the massage therapist learns. In fact, it was the first treatment the spa ever offered and so is one of the flagship treatments. Go in to a Lush that has one of the spas and ask them about Synaesthesia, then you will be able to tell the excitement, passion and pure love that everyone in there feels for it. To me it seemed like the Synaesthesia treatment was a personal triumph by each and everyone of them and it was brilliant to see.

My Treatment Experience

I don’t want to give away too much or give you too much of an expectation. This is based on my experience and everyone is different. But wow, what an experience.

I was meet at the door of the Lush shop with one of the staff holding a little blackboard with my name on it (yes this did make me feel very special haha). From there I sat and chatted with her by the entrance to the spa, which is at the back of the shop, where she gave me a hand and arm massage. I believe her name was Sophie, and if I’ve got that wrong, I’m so sorry! But we did have a good yarn.  

My massage therapist then met me, she was called Carla and was super awesome the whole time. Here we entered the kitchen, where you literally enter the Dorset countryside.

I then chose what Synaesthesia treatment I wanted. What you choose depends on the type of massage and treatment they give you, and my-oh-my there was a lot to choose from. You also choose your smell that you want in the room, and again, there is a lot to choose from.

I went for “Enlightened” and “Free and Playful”. But you don’t get to smell this just yet, you have to wait until you are in the room and it is all set up.

Once I entered the therapy room, Carla had already set up the sight element, and the smell from the “Free and Playful” was amazing. There was the sound of the countryside again which was very relaxing.

As a lay on the massage table the sound and music increased, enveloping me as the beat took over my thoughts. Then the 80 minutes of massage started.

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Here, as the music took me and the smells engulfed me, I had a back massage with hot and cold stones; the back and front of my legs massaged, arms and chest, and a facial with hot and cold stones, while after that was a scalp massage. Pretty much all over. And yeah, my body felt fucking awesome after! I also had the Chakra stones about halfway through to ground me and keep me present.

I don’t really know what else to type here. I was in my own space, in my mind, fully relaxed and letting my senses take in everything. From this I understand why they call it Synaesthesia.

How I Felt After

You all know the piña colada song. Well that’s the song I would use to describe how I felt after. I felt like I wanted to get caught dancing in the rain, I felt like making love at midnight on the dunes of the Cape (did you know that that is apparently in Cape Cod?). I felt free in my mind with a feeling that is ridiculously hard to explain. It is a feeling that you need to experience for yourself.

That the treatment you go and sit back in the kitchen with a cup of herbal tea that is designed around the word you choose at the start. I relaxed there and for about 15 minutes, just taking in how my body and mind felt.

Why this is a Great Bridesmaid Gift

I’ll start this part by saying that this is not an affiliate link piece, I’m not getting paid by Lush and I haven’t had any free products (Though, if they offer… hint hint! Haha).

This blog post purely came about because of the experience I had and to help you find a great day and great gift for your bridesmaids. In fact, this isn’t just aimed at bridesmaids; grooms and groomsmen could have a great spa day and then go on their stag do after! Or it can be an incredible gift to get a newly married couple, as their do couple’s treatments as well. Or even, as a gift to your parents for all the help (if they helped) with the wedding planning and day, just to say thank you.

Honestly, I’d give them gift to anyone for anything! It is absolutely amazing and such a different experience to any other massage I’ve had!

But I feel as something for a bride to be and her bridesmaids, this is perfect, and also something very unique.

What Else does Lush Offer for a Bridesmaid Gift

If you are looking for a bridesmaid gift and this has caught your fancy, Lush offer a wide range of other massages and therapies at all different prices.

But what might tip you over the edge to use this as a bridesmaid gift or part of a Hen/Stag Do is that you can do Lush parties in the spa!! I know… mind blown!

As part of the party, to help you relax even more, you will be given a pair of oversized pyjamas and cosy slippers to wear. You can even bring in alcohol, you just have to let them know in advance if you are. There is a large variety of treatments offered and if you love the smell of the lush products you can also add product making to the party.

The duration of your party will depend on your treatments and number of guests.

To check out more of what Lush has to offer

End Note

I just want to say thanks again to the Lush staff in Cardiff. They were all super helpful and friendly when I went in, actually, they are always super friendly and helpful! I literally go in there sometimes to be around lots of positivity, good vibes all round.

Once I had finished and had time to take it in at home, I thought what a great present this would make, and so, that is where this blog post has come from.

Carla, you where brilliant and thank you again!

Much Love,