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Silver Sixpences 

Traditions to Treasure

Silver Sixpences are a centuries old tradition to bring good luck for any occasion, such as crossing a new born baby's palm with silver, graduation gift, Wedding day sixpence for the brides left shoe, birthday or anniversary gift, and my favourite, as a love token.

At I Do Silver, we only sell silver Sixpences prior to 1947. Sixpences after that date have no silver content and are made from cupronickel, and we want you to have a silver sixpence that is actually made with silver!

Beautifully wrapped for that special moment

All our silver sixpences come beautifully gifted wrapped with either the white (as below) or standard packaging.

Genuine Silver Sixpences

Our silver sixpences begin with Queen Victoria and continue up to 1946. Below you can chose which Queen or King you would like and the date available. We also have a small number of Australian sixpences. 

Starting from just £19.99.

  • Queen Elizabeth Silver Sixpence 2020
    Queen Elizabeth Silver Sixpence  2020
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  • King George V Silver Sixpence 1921 to 1927
    Wedding Sixpence, Something blue, Silver Sixpence, I Do Silver,
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The Perfect Gift

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New Born Baby Gift

Crossing a new born baby's with silver has been a centuries old tradition. A silver sixpence gives good luck and happiness to the little one. A little treasure for a lifetime.

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Bride's Gift for her Wedding Day

 A very special gift for the bride on her wedding day.  Something old, new, borrowed, blue and a silver sixpence in her shoe. A wonderful heirloom to be passed down generations.

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A Gift for All Occasions

al Give a Silver Sixpence as a gift of luck and happiness for any occasions.  Birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and New Year.  Perfect gift for exams and graduations.  Any special occasion that you want to give a lifetime treasure


We gave our gift of a 1921 silver Sixpence to the bride the evening before her wedding and she cried, it was a heartfelt moment.


I only recently learnt about the sixpence tradition and was really excited to receive mine.  Im going to keep it in our wedding memory box with all our little bits from our special day.


My lucky wedding sixpence remains a treasured reminder of my big day. It was a fantastic gift and I cannot recommend I Do Silver enough. Thank you


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